Towards a comprehensive account of the stress of Russian verbs containing the suffix -ировать: a survey of Russian speakers in Melbourne

by Robert Lagerberg


In a previous article (Lagerberg 2005) the stress of the Russian verbal suffix -ировать was analysed on the basis of a survey conducted in Russia. The main conclusions to come out of this article were as follows: firstly, the survey demonstrated the high potential for variation in verbs with this suffix: only 12 of the 32 words given in the survey received uniform stress placement (i.e. stress in all responses either on the initial suffixal syllable (-и́ровать) or on the final syllable (-ирова́ть); secondly, the survey provided confirmation of the clear tendency for ST1: 70% of all responses had stress on the initial suffixal syllable, a high percentage given that almost half of the words chosen for the survey were given as ST2 in Zal. 1997.

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