Between Scylla and Charybdis: prospects and challenges for Ukrainian culture in the current global context

by Maria Zubrytska

Keynote speakers are generally invited to speak on central problems that can be elaborated upon in further papers, and followed up by workshop-style discussions. My aim as а keynote speaker is to put the Ukrainian cultural predicament into а broader European as well as global perspective and to launch a discussion of different aspects of this theme. Without attempting to construct too rigid а thematic framework for my paper, І have tried to survey the prospects and challenges which Ukrainian culture faces in the current global context. І shall present my own vision of the main threats, as well as the benefits, that seem to lie in wait for Ukrainian culture as it travels its remarkable Odyssey through the contemporary world, seeking to break free from the age of ‘world alienation’, to understand the meaningfulness of the world, to see Otherness and to be seen by it, and to hear the Others and to be heard by them. For global interconnectedness means that culture flows not only from West to East, but also from East to West, between South and North, and everywhere in between.

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